2015 Spring: 四技通識選修-Listening 1

Internet and Listening One

1. Review Google Syntax
2. Some questions about listening:
A. Is listening important?
B. Do you think listening is difficult?
C. What makes listening difficult?
A good listener needs to be able to draw on a range of skills, including:
Listening for general meaning.
Listening for specific information.
Coping with unknown vocabulary.
Predicting what is going to be said next.
Using prior knowledge to aid understanding.
Coping with different accents.
2. Two articles on listening
Listening: A good way to learn English
How to Hear English Everywhere?
3. Authentic online listening materials
A podcast is an audio file that you download from the Internet. After you download it, you can listen to it on your computer or on an MP3 or a portable music player (for example, an iPod).
4. ESL Pod.Com
This podcast is run by a volunteer team of experienced English as a Second Language professors in the States.
Episode 1092 Keeping a meeting on track
5. Assignments:
1. Review the podcast we listened today. Take notes on the key words/phrases. How the host explained these words/phrases.
2. Comment on the site. How do you like podcast as a learning resource? Is it good? How does it differ from the materials you used to use before? Its strength and weakness? Be critical! (4/19 due)