2015 Spring: 四技通識選修-Project

Group Presentation (CALL)

You’ll be forming into six group. Each group will be responsible for a power point presentation base on your chosen topic.
Time: 18 to 20 minutes. You have to finish your presentation within allotted time.
Presenters: 6 to 7
Language: English only
1. Please e-mail me your power point file one week before your presentation. Make the first slide as an introduction to your group members.
2. A class handout (One page) for each of your classmate.
3. * A hard copy of your ppt for me. Please include 6 slides on one page, double-sided.
Oral Presentation Rubric
Peer Evaluation Form
Date Content Presentation Topics
3/31 Google Syntax (.ppt) by Rina, Trista, Eva, Meloday, & Amber
a. Google Syntax
b. Advanced Operators
c. Reference book: 超神!Google情報檢索術
d. Google Toolbar
Introduce the major google syntax to your classmates.
a. introduce the major google syntax
b. prepare some examples to demonstrate how to use the syntax to locate the most related information efficiently.
c. demonstrate how to download and install the goole toolbar. Go through some of its features that you think might be related to language learning.
d. prepare some hands-on exercises for your audience to practice
4/28 Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (.ppt) by Jane, Jessica, Yuki, Karen, Winni, Alice, & Bonnie Orient your classmates to Steve Job’s Talk
a. provide a background introduction to Steve Job and a summary to his talk.
b. share some of the concepts that impress you.
c. discuss how a talk on youtube could help your English learning.
5/5 Evaluation of an Interactive English Learning CD (.ppt) by Amy, Irene, Ruby, Crystal, Mandy, Tini, & Jano Orient your classmates to the main features of the CD ROM.
a. introduce the features of the CD.
b. show your audience section by section and demonstrate how it works and how a learner could use the CD to improve their languaeg skills.
c. your comments on the CD.
5/12 TED talk and English learning (ppt) by Tiffany Chen, CoCo, vivian, Ted, Stephanie, & Rumi
How To Learn a Language Through TED Talks
Orient your classmates to the TED talk website
a. briefly introduce the website.
b. how to locate a talk to listen.
c. how it can be used to improve your English.
d. examplify with a talk.
5/19 My ET (.ppt) by Jia, Tiffany Lee, Eric, Lily, Anne, Allison, & Vivian Orient your classmates to this online speech tutoring sytem.
a. briefly introduce the features.
b. guide your classmates step by step to register an account.
c. demonstrate how it works.
d. comment on the program.
6/2 MIT Open Courseware (.ppt) by Vicki, Jessie, Simon, Iris, Lucy, Ruby, & Lucy Orient your classmates to this open courseware.
a. introduce the major features and the kinds of info. readers could find from it.
b. exemplify with one or two specific courses.
c. your comments on the site. how you we use this site in our learning.


Some useful information
1. Presentation Skills
2. Giving an Academic Talk
3. Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation
4. Screen capture software
a. FastStone
b. SnagIt
5. YouTube Downloader: Software to download and convert YouTube video.