2015 Spring: 四技通識選修-Speaking 1

Internet & Speaking 1

1. Sharing
1. Which TED talk you listened last week?
2. Who is the speaker? (name, nationality, anything special about him)
–his/her nationality, hometown, age…etc.
3. What is the talk about?
4. Your comments on the talk.
2. Speech rcognition–Speech recognition (also known as automatic speech recognition or computer speech recognition) converts spoken words to machine-readable input.
My ET— It is a web-based program employing automatic speech analysis system (ASAS) to identify the words spoken into the recording device, and it can analyze the speech on pronunciation, pitch, timing and emphasis.
Presented by 4 (ppt)
3. Assignment
1. MyET
Please join our class community before starting your pronunciation practice (Community Code: NTUB_2015Fall_CALL).
Meeting Someone at the Airpot (under the section of survival English. 標準課程/接機). Due on Tuesday at 12:00.
2. Please preview the following two articles.
A. Intonation–Changing meanings through word stress
B. Linking–Linking consonant to vowels