2016 Spring: 五專財金四年級 Freshman English


A tentative syllabus
科目名稱: 應用英文 授課教師: 賴淑麗 Shu-li (Sally) Lai
授課班級: 五專財金四年級 學分/時數: 2/2
Email: shulilai@gmail.com Time/Location: Wednesday (13:30~15:15) Language Lab 3
研究室: 承曦樓 904 (by appointment) Course webiste https://www.shulilai.idv.tw
1. Rogers, L., & Wilkin, J. (2013), Skillful Reading & Writing 2, published by Macmillan. 請洽文鶴書局蒙先生 0988-082-067 (NT$ 442 after discount)
2. New TOEIC TEST 金色證書字彙 (2015) 請洽眾文出版社 莊小姐 (02) 8369-1198 ext: 24 (NT $277 after discount)
Overview of the course
This is a one-year four-skill integrated course which helps you to learn and improve the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills necessary for college-level coursework. In this semester, more focus will be on reading and writing, and English presentation skills. Class will be implemented in the form of lecture, discussion, group activity, and presentation.
Grading Policy
My ET: 15% Post test: 5% Midterm: 25% Quizzes and Assignments: 30% Project: 25% (oral presentation, ppt, transcript, handout, deduct 5 points if any of the them is missing)
Course Requirements

  1. If you have to miss a class for an unavoidable reason (e.g., sick leave, injury, family emergency), please contact me in person or email me in advance.
  2. Two points (-2) will be deducted for any unexcused absence.
  3. No late assignments or make-up tests will be allowed.
  4. If you cheat on a quiz or exam, you’ll receive 0 point.
  5. Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode during class time. Unless it’s used for dictionary look up or for information searching, please don’t use your mobile phone during class time.
  6. There will be quizzes and exams based on the materials in the textbooks and the materials presented in class. Please preview and review the class materials every week.



Date Major textbook Exercises Assignments
2/24 Quiz 1  Preview Unit 5.1 What does it take to be successful?
3/2 Quiz 2
Chapter 5.1 What does it take to be successful? (Business studies)
3/9 Chapter 5.1 What does it take to be successful? (Business studies)
Did they just get lucky?
My ET Test A, B, C, D
3/16 Chapter 5.2 Did they just get lucky? (Popular science)  TOEIC (p. 191- p. 201) My ET 1 (Self-Introduction)
3/23 Chapter 6.1 The stresses and strains of work (Business studies)
Linggle (http://linggle.com)
 TOEIC (p. 202- p. 212)  My ET 2 (Greetings, At the Immigration Counter)
3/30 Chapter 6.2 Rich and Famous (Society)  TOEIC (p. 213- p. 223)  My ET 3 (At the Customs Counter, Baggage Handling after Customs)
4/6 Holiday (No class)  TOEIC (p. 224 – p. 237)
4/13 Discussion
4/20 Midterm
4/27 TED Talk
Discuss the midterm exam
Group project (outline)
7.1 Fears, reactions, coping
7.2 Superhuman powers
5/4 7.1 Fears, reactions, coping
How to overcome fear
Be a more confident public speaker
5/11 Group 1: United State (Selina, Kate, Penny, Jack, *Daniel, Zoe)
Group 2: Russia (Frank, Walter, Allen, Tim, N.D. *Thor)
7.2 Superhuman Powers
Kids with superhuman powers in China
Group 1 (ppt, handout, youtube)
Group 2 (ppt, handout, youtube)
5/18 Group 3: Korea (Elton, Johnny, *Leon, Adam, Jesse)
Group 4: France (Lucy, Oriel, Abby, Hsin, *GG)
Group 5: Malaysia (Lisa, Amy, *Dragon, Wayne)
9.1 Freshwater Delivery
The Iceberg Project
Group 3 (ppt, handout, youtube)
Group 4 (ppt, handout, youtube)
Group 5 (ppt, handout, youtube)
One day more
Lyrics: http://home.gamer.com.tw/creationDetail.php?sn=2071109
Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IddP8AAIGTQDo you hear people sing?
Lyrics: https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/Do_You_Hear_the_People_Sing%3F
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpDbvlAI_A0
Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMYNfQlf1H8
5/25 Group 6: Switzerland (Nina, *Irene, Winnie, Pat, Cindy, Rowena)
Group 7: Japan (Shelly, Kelly, *Hsinyu, Bryant, Carlos)
Group 8: Italy (Tina, Doris, Jesse, Nicole, *Lili)
Group 6 (ppt, handout, youtube)
Group 7 (ppt, handout, youtube)
Group 8 (ppt, handout, youtube)
 9.1 Freshwater Delivery
The Iceberg Project
6/1 Group 9: Germany (Soso, Joanne, Yo, *Jocelyn, Alice)
Group 10: Belgium (Jenny, Nini, Yourong, Lyon, *Cindy)The TOEIC official website in Taiwan (link)
TOEIC (Listening/45 minutes)
Group 9 (ppt, handout, youtube)
Group 10 (ppt, handout, youtube)
6/8 TOEIC (Reading section)
Linking (consonant to vowel)
reduced (accent reduction)
6/15 My ET (Post Test)
6/22 Wrap-Up
Happy Summer Vacation!