2017 Fall: 四技財金二年甲班 English 3

A tentative syllabus
科目名稱: 英文 (三) 授課教師: 賴淑麗 Shu-li (Sally) Lai
授課班級: 財金系二年甲班 學分/時數: 2/2
Email: shulilai@gmail.com Time/Location: Wednesday (15:25 to 17:10) Room 4
研究室: 承曦樓 904 (by appointment) Course webiste https://www.shulilai.idv.tw

  • World English 3A (第三冊, 第二版). 請洽文鶴出版社蒙先生 0988-082-067 (NT540, $455 after discount)
Overview of the course
This is a one-semester four-skill integrated course which helps students to further develop and improve their English proficiency and communication skills. This class encourages students to discuss and write about the ideas they discover from readings, aiming to make them better speakers and writers. Students will engage in a variety of activities, including listening practice, discussion, group activity, and presentation.
對應校核心能力: 外語能力、專業素養
對應通識課程核心能力: 語言思辯表達、問題溝通解決
Grading Policy
Midterm: 25% Quizzes & Assignments (in-class & after-class): 50% Project: 25%
Course Requirements

  1. Participation is crucial to the success of your learning. You’re expected to ask questions, answer questions, and share information in different ways.
  2. The tests will be taken on scheduled dates; no make-up tests.
  3. You’re responsible for getting class notes and handouts, if late or absent from class. Absence from class will not be an acceptable excuse for missing assignments or tests.
  4. Quizzes: There will be quizzes and exams based on the materials in the textbooks and the materials presented in class. Please preview and review the class materials every week.
  5. Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode during class time. Unless it’s used for dictionary look up or for information searching, please don’t use your mobile phone during class time.

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Date Major textbook Activities Assignments
9/20 Orientation
9/27 Chapter 2.1 Talk about learning strategies  Audio 8 (mp3)
  • Finish the listening exercise on page 18 (B, C, D)
  • – #1 Preview the article In your face (p.22) and take notes on vocabulary. (need to hand in next meeting)
10/4 Mid-Autumn Festival (No Class)
10/11 – Chapter 2.2 Talk about your senses & fears
– Synesthesia: Listening Practice
– News from BBC (10/10) How i went blind and started hearing colors (link)
1. Check the listening exercises.
2. Check your vocabulary notes.
  • Finish Exercises A (p.15)
  • Self-Study: Read The Mind-Body Connection on your workbook (p.18) and finish exercise A & B (p.19).
  • #2 Preview the article A new Mother Earth (p.28) and take vocabulary notes.
  1. Conversation Practice
  2. Workbook: The Mind Body Connection (p.18) (link) (interview)
  3. Quiz 1
  4. Chapter 3.1 A new Mother Earth
  •  Someone like you, by Adel (


  • Preview 3.3 Talk about Invasive Species (p. 32).
  • Preview 3.4 Salvation (and profit) in Greentech (p. 34). (link).
  • Be ready for another quiz next week.
10/25 – Chapter 3.2 Discuss causes and effects
– 3.4 Salvation (and profit) in Greentech (p. 34). (link)
– Quiz 2
  • Listen to Audio 12 (p.30) at least 3 times and try to answer the 6 questions (2C).
  • Workbook: Exercise A on page 21, 22, 23.
  • Self-Introduction: 3 adjectives with supporting sentences (10/30 due)
11/1 – Discuss Assignments
– Chapter 3.3 Talk about invasive species
– Chapter 3.4 Salvation (and profit)  in Greentech (p.34) (link)
1. – History of Halloween (link)
2. – How to make a jack o lantern (link)
3. Crumpkin’s Pumpkins’ Pumpkin Song (link)
  •  Review 3.4 and listen to John’s talk online again (link)
11/8 Chapter 3.4 Discuss effects on the future
Tales of Ice-Bound Wonderlands (p.38) (link)
11/15 Midterm
11/22 PowerPoint Presentation Skills
Discuss your midterm
11/29 – Presentation 1
12/6 – Presentation 2
– Discuss your midterm
12/13 Group 1 Sweden, by Jacob, Sam, David, Jacky, Eric, John
Group 2 Malaysia, by Marshall, Jay, Dian, Harvey, Nara, Martin
Self-study: page 44 (A, B, C), page 45 (A, B)
Self-study: page 48 (A, B), page 49 (A, B, A)
12/20 Group 3 Indonesia, by Vic, Irma, Yetta, Zoe, Corry, Oliver
Group 4 Egypt, by Jessica, Andy, Sandy, Nancy, Jennifer, Kelly
Self-Study: page 56 (Vocabulary A, Grammar), page 57 (A, Conversation A), page 59 (Communication, the 7 words in the picture)
12/27 Group 5 United Arab Emirates, by Jenna, Judy, Lisa, Ruby, Sally, Iris, Shelly (or Saudi Arabia?)
Group 6 Ireland, by Cindy, Many, Alex, Anne, Kay, Wendy, Lan
Group 7 Germany, by Anita, Winnie, Robbie, Tiffany, Jessie, Wayne
1/3 Group 8 Belgium, by Annie, Joyce, Kiki, Nancy, Ella, Mindy
Group 9 Netherlands, by Eric, Andy, Swagger, Nicole, Faye, Annie
1/10 Quiz 4 and Discussion
1. Handouts on Presentation Skills
2. Group Report (keep the handouts)
1/17 Wrap-Up
Happy Summer Vacation!
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