2017Spring: 通識選修 Group Presentation

Group Presentation

Time: 16 to 22 minutes Language: English  Number: 4-5 people
Powerpoint file: Send it to me one week before your presentation
1. ppt: cover slide, outline, content, reference, how you share your work
2. Bringing a note is not allowed when doing the presentation.
3. Put only the main idea on the slides.
Group No. Topic Members
Group 1
YouTube & Language Learning (ppt)
Steve Jobs’ 2005 Standford commencement Address

A. Introduction of the talk
B. Introduction of the speaker
C. Summary of the talk
D. Good words & sentences that inspired you.
E. Learning English from yourube (strengths)
F. How to download Youtube
G. Your comments
Another good example:
 Mindy, Sandy, Irene, Samantha
Group 2
TED Talk & Language Learning
A. It’s origin
B. What can we find in TED talk
C. How to locate a talk
D. Recommend 1 or 2 good talk
— a good talk to share with your audience
E. Your comments on TED talk (for language learning & content)
 Dorothy, Sharon, Jean, Maggie, Amber
Group 3
A. What is My ET?
B. What is speech recognition?
C. Use a lesson as an example (introduce its sections and scoring system)
D. Demonstrate how it works
E. Your comments (Strengths & Weakness)
 Wendy, Iris, Cindy, Sally, Silvia
Group 4
Evaluation of an interactive CD (Studio Classroom & Studio Classroom 影音典藏系統)
A. The official website
B. The CD (sections)
C. Demonstrate each sections
D. Compare & Contrast (Strengths and weakness)
E. Your comments on using interactive CD as a learning rescource
Mary, Alex, Peggy
Group 5
MOOCs and Open Course Ware (EdX, MIT Open Courseware)
A. Their origin
B. What is MOOCs
B. What is Open Courseware
C. Introduce two of the popular MOOCs (Edx, MIT, & Coursera)
D. Use a lesson to demonstrate
E. Your comments on MOOCs (Strengths & Weakness)
 Vicky, Janice, Yuna, Silvia, James