2019Spring: CALL Group Presentation

Group Presentation

Time: 16 to 22 minutes Language: English Members: 5-6 people
Powerpoint file: Send it to me one week before your presentation
1. ppt: cover slide, outline, content, reference, how you share your work
2. Notes are not allowed when doing the presentation.
3. Put only the main idea on the slides.
Group No. Topic Members
Group 1
TED Talk & Language Learning (ppt)
A. It’s origin
B. What can we find in TED talk
C. How to locate a talk
D. Recommend 1 or 2 good talk
— a good talk to share with your audience
E. Your comments on TED talk (for language learning & content)
Joyce Huang, Renee, Nancy, Milly, Hannah
Group 2
A. What is My ET?
B. What is speech recognition?
C. Use a lesson as an example (introduce its sections and scoring system)
D. Demonstrate how it works
E. Your comments (Strengths & Weakness)
Alex, John, Bebe, Lucy, Tina, Kimi
Group 3
Evaluation of an interactive CD (Studio Classroom & Studio Classroom 影音典藏系統)
A. The official website
B. The CD (sections)
C. Demonstrate each sections
D. Compare & Contrast (Strengths and weakness)
E. Your comments on using interactive CD as a learning resource
Billy, Wendy, Lars, Ivy, Lily
Group 4
Language Testing (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Bulats) Choose 2
A. Its purpose (Compare & Contrast)
B. Scoring System
C. Recommend some online resource to prepare for the tests
Annie, Amy, Toto, Eleen, Ruby, Joanne
Group 5


Game & Language Learning (computer based or apps)
A. How games can help language learning (link)
B. Different kinds of games (online games, app, RPG)
C. Introduce two games
D. Your comments on using games to learn/teach a foreign language
Lin, Lily, Joyce Chien, Shelly, Alice
Group 6
MOOCs and Open Course Ware (EdXMIT Open Courseware)
A. Their origin
B. What is MOOCs
B. What is Open Courseware
C. Introduce two of the popular MOOCs (Edx, MIT, & Coursera)
D. Use a lesson to demonstrate
E. Your comments on MOOCs (Strengths & Weakness)
Jocelyn, Vivian, Vivian, Melanie, Yvonne, Ann, Klay