2021 Fall: 四技大二 English 3

A tentative syllabus


課程名稱: 英文 (三)

授課教師: 賴淑麗 (Shu-li Sally Lai)

授課班級: 大二英文

學分/時數: 2/2

E-mail: shulilai@gmail.com

Time: Wednesday (15:25 to 17:10)

Class website: https://bb.ntub.edu.tw

Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/inz-nkzk-dwk

Group Discussion: Link 

 Blogs: Link

Classroom materials

  1. Six Minute English
  2. TED Talk
  3. Class handouts
  4. Other free online materials (to be announced)
  5. Blogs

Classroom Evaluation

Weekly blog assignments: 40%
Reflection Paper: 10%
Project Presentation: 15%
Writing test: 10%
Speaking test: 10%
TOEIC Test: 15%

Course Objective

本課程為全校非英語系大二學生所開設之通識英文必修課。大一英文著重於聽力以及閱讀的訓練(perceptive skills)。大二英文將重心轉向口說以及書寫(productive skills)。本學期學生會有大量的機會透過書寫或是口頭,整合網路優質影音網站,學生建立自我的部落格,搭配課堂活動,透過課前準備,課中討論,課後延伸作業,教師將引討學生更能自在的用英文表達看法,提升其口語以及書寫流利度。

  • Weekly online listening (audio and video files)
  • Weekly blog assignments (individual blogs)
  • In-class group discussion and sharing
  • Teacher-guided discussion
  • Group Presentations
  • After-class blog assignment and practice

Group Project

To be announced

Course Requirements

Participation and Attendance

  1. You need to attend class and submit all classwork on time. There will be weekly listening and writing activities along with the group and individual projects. The syllabus is subject to change
  2. Preparation for the next class is required because the class will be conducted based on the assumption that students have prepared for the class. Finish listening to the assigned audio/video files before the class and bring up questions about the topic. Be in class on time.
  3. Homework must be turned in on time. No late work will be accepted.
  4. There will be quizzes and exams based on the materials discussed in and after the class. No make-up tests.
  5. You’re responsible for getting class notes and handouts, if late or absent from class. Absence from class will not be an acceptable excuse for missing assignments or tests.
  6. Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode during class time. Unless it’s used for dictionary lookup or for information searching, please don’t use your mobile phone during class time.

Course Blogs

1. Our Blogs
2. Group Discussion Our group members





Assignment # 1 Greeting
Create your blog and briefly introduce yourself (9/27 due)
– upload a picture
– briefly introduce yourself (at least 50 words)
– Put your blog link here (link)
– Preview the course materials next week.

#2 Read a piece of news

9/29 – Reflection (Listen & Write)=>Link
Please submit to BB before Sunday midnight. (23:59)
– Preview
“Use Foreign Language Podcasts to Propel Yourself to Fluency!.” (link) Be ready for the discussion next week.
– Please visit at least 2 of your classmates’ blogs and respond to their greeting posts.
  • Podcast and Language Learning
  • What is a podcast (video)
  • Use Foreign Language Podcasts to Propel Yourself to Fluency! (website, pdf)
  • A list of podcasts for English Learning (link)
  • Six Minute English (link)
  • More introduction on the features of google blog
Assignment #2 Five good words
Listen to the podcast (Is technology harmful to youngsters?) at least twice
2. Print out the PDF file. Look up the words you think are difficult or important to you.
3. List 5 words you learn on your blog. Please include word, definition, and one example sentence.
4. Add a link to the episode on your blog, so you know where these words are from. 
Due on 10/10 (Sunday) at 23:59.
10/13 Six Minute English 1: Is technology harmful to youngsters?  Assignment #3
– Is technology harmful to you? (10/17 due)
Yes or No, and why? (60 words at least)
– Preview the next episode: A future without a doctor and look up the difficult words in advance. Print out the PDF file and write the definition on your handouts. Bring it in next week.
10/20 Six Minute English 2: A future without doctor  Assignment #4 (10/24 due)
There has been a lot of discussion about how AI has influenced our lives. Do you use AI in your everyday life? Can you list 1-2 examples of AI you use and share with us how do you like it/them? (60 words, at least)
– Preview the next episode: Flexible working. Look up the difficult words in the dictionary and write the definition on your handout.
10/27 More discussion on A future without doctor
Some useful features of google blogger
Assignment #5
Try out some of the gadgets and add the following:
1. Add a dictionary section
– Dictionary 1
– Dictionary 2
– Dictionary 3
2. Add Sally’s teaching website to your blog
3. Add Six Minute English to your site
4. Add two of your friends’ blogs to your blog
11/3 Six Minute English 3: Flexible working Assignment #6
If you can choose, do you prefer to work from home, or to work in the office with your colleagues? Why? (at least 60 words).
11/10 More discussion on Flexible working
Grammar & Punctuation
Assignment #7
1. Listen to the assigned talk at least once.
2. Embed the talk to your blog.
3. Write down 3 keywords you learn from the talk, and provide one example sentence for each of the keywords.
5. Introduce the talk (within 5 sentences)
Due on 11/14
11/17 TED talk and language learning
(link) APP
Group Project
TED Talk 1: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
1. Explore the features of the website and begin to work on your term project.
2. Listen to the talk “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” again and be ready for further discussion next week.
11/24 TED Talk 1: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator Assignment #8
What do you think is the key to success? (Free in length)
Listen to the talk twice and look up 5 difficult words in the dictionary. List its definition and one example sentence for each word.
12/1 Select a talk or an episode for your term project.
TED Talk 2: The Key to Success: Grit
Assignment #9 
Is there a short-term or long-term goal that you want to achieve in your life? What is it? How to turn your goals into reality? What’s your plan? (free in length)
12/8 TED Talk 3: The Key to Success: Grit
Link to group project (pdf)
G1: Learning a language? Speak it like you’re playing a video game (by Ru, Zola, Michelle, Amy, Elisa, Vivian)
12/15 G2: Eight secrets of success
G3: What makes you special
G4: How to turn off work thoughts during your free time?
12/22 TOEIC (全校型深耕計畫後測)
五育樓605 (請自備耳機)
Writing Test

Reflection paper (link)

12/29 G5: How to make stress your friend?
G6: The hidden power of smiling

Questionnaire (link

1/5 Speaking Test

1/12 Wrap-Up
Small group discussion with the instructor

1/19 彈性補充教學

以上所有課程每堂課皆對應以下指標校核心能力:外語能力、專業素養 通識課程核心能力:語言思辯表達、問題溝通解

Note. We’ll adjust the schedule as we go along.