2022 Spring: 二技財金一甲 English


A tentative syllabus


課程名稱: English

授課教師: 賴淑麗 (Shu-li Sally Lai)

授課班級: 二技財金一甲

學分/時數: 2/2

E-mail: shulilai@gmail.com

Time: Monday (10:10 to 12:00)

Class website: https://bb.ntub.edu.tw

Room: 7

Google meet: https://meet.google.com/asf-zojg-xng

Google Meet: Small Group (link)

Classroom materials

  1. Online materials

Classroom Evaluation

Quizzes & Assignments (in-class & after-class): 55% Weekly Presentation: 20% Term Project: 25%

Course Objective

This is a one-semester four-skill integrated course. It aims to develop and improve students` academic listening and speaking skills. Students will have the opportunity to listen and respond to a variety of topics in English. Class activities include discussion, group activities, and group presentations.

Group Project

To be announced

Course Requirements

Participation and Attendance
1. If you have to miss a class for an unavoidable reason (e.g., sick leave, injury, family emergency), please email me in advance.
2. No late assignments or make-up tests will be allowed.
3. Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode during class time. Unless it’s used for dictionary lookup or information searching, please don’t use your mobile phone during class.
4. There will be quizzes and exams based on the materials in the textbooks and the materials presented in class. Please preview and review the class materials every week.


Your Blog (Google Doc)
Weekly Group Presentation (link)
Term Project (link)





Background Questionnaire (link)


Holiday (No Class)

3/7 Internet & Writing 1 (3F, R2)
Vocabulary Test
Tool Training 1
Tool (link)
1. Finish hands-on exercise one
2. Watch Video 1 to Video 9 (Chinese/English)
3. BBC News (link)
3/14 Internet & Writing 2 (3F, R2) 1. Finish hands-on exercise two
2. Watch Video 10 to Video 12
3. Be ready for a quiz next week.
3/21 Internet & Writing 3 (3F, R2)
1. Discussion (assignment)
2. Quiz
3. How to learn English (link)
Preview the course materials next week.
  • Create your own blog (link)
  • What is a blog? (link)
  • 7 Reasons why podcasts are changing the way we learn English (link)
  • A list of podcasts (link)
  • Everyday English: All Ears English 1
    • AEE 1692: A Fun and Fresh Way to Say No Thank You in English (link)
Assignment # 1 Greetings
Create your blog and briefly introduce yourself (4/8 due)
– upload a picture
– briefly introduce yourself (at least 50 words)
–Explore the podcast we introduced today
– Preview the course materials next week.
4/4 Holiday (No Class)
4/11 Topic 1: Body Language Online (link)

  • 8 Top Tips For Improving Your Body Language During Virtual Meetings (link)
Assignment #2 Body Language Online
1. Review the episode we discussed today.
2. Read the article: 8 top tips for improving your body language during the virtual meeting (link)
3. What are two of the important aspects of body language you want to improve the most when having an online meeting/class next time? Why? (50 words at least) Due on Friday.
4/18 Topic 2: The food delivery revolution (link) Review topic 2 and preview topic 3. Be ready for another quiz. No blog post assignment this week.
4/25 Topic 3: Why take a gap year? (link)
5/2 1. Some tips for blogging
2. Term Project (link)
3. Topic 4: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (link)
Assignment #3 Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
1. Do you procrastinate sometimes?
2. What are some of the things you procrastinate on?
3. What are some reasons for procrastination?
4. What are some strategies you can use to combat your procrastination?
(50 words, at least) Due on Friday.
5/9 Topic 4: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (link)
Tim Urban’s blog (link): You can check the popular posts
Topic 5: Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (link)
1. Listen to the talk again.
2. Look up the difficult words.
3. Highlight the lines/parts/sections/ that impress you.
5/16 Topic 5: Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (link)
– Quiz on topic 4: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
– Why Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech is the most watched in history (link)
Assignment #4 Steve Jobs’ 2005 Standford Commencement Address
– How did the talk affect you?
– How does this talk catch the listeners’ attention (or does it all)?
– Has the talk changed your mind about something? If so, explain how.
– Has the talk left you with any questions?
– Does the talk relate to anything from your past life experiences?
– Does the talk agree with any of your past life experiences?
100 words, at least (due on Friday)
5/23 Topic 6: The Key to Success: Grit (link)
5/30 – Why 30 is not the new 20 (link) (Elaine, Jeanne, Judy, Hailee, Lorin, Joyce)
– Life in the modern office (link) (Rebecca, Peggy, Betty, Giny, Claire, Neal
6/6 Why you should talk to strangers (link)
– How to build your confidence — and spark it in others (link)
– Three tips to boost your confidence (link)
6/13 – How to gain control of your time (link)
Sleep is your superpower (link)
Reflection paper (link)
6/20 Wrap-Up



通識課程核心能力: 語言思辯表達、問題溝通解決

Note. We’ll adjust the schedule as we go along.