2023 Fall: 五專財金四甲 English 4


A tentative syllabus


課程名稱: 英文四

授課教師: 賴淑麗 (Shu-li Sally Lai)

授課班級: 五專財金四甲

學分/時數: 2/3

E-mail: shulilai@gmail.com

Time: Monday (13:30 to 16:15)

Class website: https://bb.ntub.edu.tw/

Room: 視聽教室 Room 7

Classroomscreen: link

Classroom materials

  1. Longman Academic Reading Series: Reading Skills for College (2), published by Pearson Education, Inc. (2014) NT 485 (原價570) 東華書局代理 (黃政瑋先生 0912-278-109; 02-2311-4027)
  2. EnglishCentral: https://www.englishcentral.com/browse/videos

Classroom Evaluation

Midterm: 20%, Quizzes and Assignments: 50%, Project: 20%, Participation: 10%

Course Objective

In this one-year, four-skill integrated course, students will strengthen their language skills essential for college-level coursework. It covers skills and strategies for effective reading and writing, vocabulary building, critical thinking, and academic presentation. Students will be encouraged to discuss and write about the ideas they discover in readings to become better speakers and writers of English. Additionally, students will engage in a variety of activities, including discussions, group activities, and group presentations.

Group Project

To be announced

Course Requirements

  1. Please arrive in class on time.
  2. If you must miss a class due to an unavoidable circumstance (e.g., sick leave, injury, or a family emergency), please notify me in advance by email.
  3. There will be no make-up tests, and late assignments will not be accepted.
  4. Please turn your cell phone to silent mode during class. Additionally, refrain from using your mobile phone during class, except for dictionary lookups or information searching.
  5. Quizzes and exams will be based on the materials presented in class and in the textbooks. Remember to preview and review the class materials every week.





9/11 Orientation
Background Questionnaire
Preview Chapter 1.1.
9/18 Reading One: Tony the traveller
TOEIC (link)
Review Chapter 1.1
9/25 Reading One: Tony the traveller
TOEIC (link)
Tools you need to know
1. Cambridge Learners’ Dictionary (link)
2. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (link)
1. TOEIC 單元練習
第一回=>(Part 1, 2)
2. Memorize the vocabulary (Reading 1)
10/2 Reading 2 The benefits of studying abroad
10/9 Holiday (No Class)
10/16 Chapter 1 Cultural Studies: The Lessons of Travel
10/23 Chapter 2 Multicultural Literature: Writing about Cultural Identity
10/30 Chapter 2 Multicultural Literature: Writing about Cultural Identity
11/6 Chapter 2 Multicultural Literature: Writing about Cultural Identity
11/13 Midterm Exam
11/20 Chapter 3 Health Science: High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech
11/27 Chapter 3 Health Science: High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech
12/4 Chapter 3 Health Science: High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech
12/11 Chapter 4 Education: The Task of the Teacher
12/18 Chapter 4 Education: The Task of the Teacher
12/25 Chapter 4 Education: The Task of the Teacher
1/1 Holiday (No Class)
1/8 Final Exam



通識課程核心能力: 語言思辯表達、問題溝通解決

The syllabus is subject to change based on the progress and needs of the class.