Assignments for the winter break

  1. TOEIC BOOK (p.110 to p.190)
  2. Skillful Reading & Writing
    1. 3.1 Discovered by Amateurs (p.29)
    2. 3.2 Close Encounters (p.31)
    3. 4.1 The Supercounsumer Generation (p.39)
    4. 4.2 The Sky’s Limit (p.41)
  3. A good website to visit during your winter break
    1. (BBC Learning English)
    2. (Voicetube 看影片學英文)
  4. A good website to improve your speaking & pronunciation (My ET)

***At least 30 minutes per day will help.

Attention: Two quizzes will be given at the very beginning of next semester.