2015 Fall: 四技通識選修

2015 Fall:四技通識選修_Guidelines for reflection paper

Guidelines for the Reflection Paper

  1. Paper must be typed.
  2. paper should be 1.5 to 2 pages long (1.5 spaced).
  3. writing should use formal English, correct spelling and punctuation.
  4. Topics may include any information covered in class or from the reading.
  5. Consider the followings when writing your reflection:
    1. Do you think the CALL training this semester is helpful to you?
    2. What have we studied/learned so far that interest you?
    3. What new things have you learned?
    4. How has your learning affected the preconceptions or misconceptions you brought with you into this class?
    5. How has your learning influenced your view of computer in language learning?
    6. Will what you have learned change your behavior in the future?
  6. Deadline: Jan. 10, (Sunday)

重要提醒: Writing a reflection helps you find what is meaningful to you and adds value to your learning. Do not simply outline or summarize the materials we have covered. I want to know what the materials mean to you.

2015 Fall: 四技通識English Song

Internet & Songs

1. How to use songs to learn English?
2. Steps we can take
1. Choose a song.
2. Find the lyrics online.
3. Listen to the song without the words.
4. Read the lyric
5. Listen and read
6. Look up new word
7. Listen and Sing!
3. Perhaps love
by John Denver (Youtube/Lyric)
By Placido Domingo and John Denver (Youtube)
4. Tears in Heaven
Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AscPOozwYA8) (withi lyric)
Story behind the song (SongFact)
 5. What a Wonderful World (YoutubeLyrics),  by Louis Armstrong.
a. It’s a song first recorded by Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) and released as a single in 1968. It’s also a theme song in Good Morning Vietnam.
b. The song details the singer’s delight in the simple enjoyment of everyday life with a hopeful and optimistic tone to the future.
c. The song was not a hit in the United States but was a major success in the UK. It was the biggest-selling single of 1968 in the UK. The song made Louis Armstrong the oldest male to top of the charts, at sixty-six years and ten months old.
d. Armstrong was born into a very poor family in New Orleans, Louisiana, the grandson of slaves. He spent his youth in poverty in a neighborhood of New Orleans. His father abandoned the family when Louis was an infant.
e. Armstrong grew up at the bottom of the social ladder, but he seldom looked back at his youth as the worst of times but instead drew inspiration from it. He said, “every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine—I look right in the heart of good old New Orleans…It has given me something to live for.
Source: wiki
6. Some good songs
To Dream the Impossible Dream (Song, Lyrics)
 Somewhere over the rainbow (youtube)
Someone like you (youtube)
 Somewhere out there (youtube)
7. Have fun with Lyricstraing
8. Assignment
Find an English song that interests you and post its lyrics, audio file & video (if any) file to your blogs. Write your comments and the words that you learn from the song. (due on Sunday night)

2015 Fall: 四技通識選修-Bloglist

No 系所 年班 姓名 English URL
1 五專資管 五甲 戚雪嵐 Blair http://blair2016.blogspot.com/
2 四技企管 二乙 黃浩崴 Richard http://richardwongcallclass.blogspot.com/
3 四技財金 二甲 王梅杏 Michelle http://mechellewang.blogspot.tw/
4 四技財金 二甲 陳敏蕊 Angel http://chanmanioi.blogspot.com/
5 四技財稅 二甲 張文豪 Howard http://howard850113.blogspot.com/
6 四技財稅 二甲 曾千瑜 Emily http://emily201510.blogspot.com/
7 四技財稅 二甲 周郁汶 Ven http://yuhwen2015.blogspot.com/
8 四技財稅 二甲 陳威全 Frank http://weiquanchen.blogspot.com/
9 四技商務 二乙 邱子祐 James http://chiou841011.blogspot.com/
10 四技商務 二乙 童紀憲 Jason http://tungjisian.blogspot.com
11 四技商務 二乙 方承新 Nick http://as002005.blogspot.com/
12 四技商務 二乙 邱薇安 Vivian http://wieanchiou.blogspot.com
13 四技商務 二乙 洪千益 Jerry http://bene0625.blogspot.com/
14 四技商務 二乙 張晏齊 Tommy http://tommy7777.blogspot.com/
15 四技商務 二乙 伍生香  Seinmi http://shengxiang95.blogspot.com/
16 四技商務 二甲 張馨云 Zona http://xinyunzhang.blogspot.com/
17 四技商務 二甲 洪宇函 Kelly http://kellyhung2015.blogspot.tw/
18 四技商務 二甲 李芷瑜 Zowie http://zowie1210.blogspot.com/
19 四技商務 二甲 洪琳兒 Emma http://emmaaplus.blogspot.com/
20 四技商務 二甲 蕭竹妤 Yvonne http://et851349.blogspot.com/
21 四技商務 二甲 魏心如 Sussie http://susiwei.blogspot.com/
22 四技會資 二甲 王詠萱 Joy http://syuan85621.blogspot.tw/
23 四技會資 二甲 高唯誠 William http://william67583.blogspot.com
24 四技會資 二甲 黎宇祥 Sean http://xiangyoolee.blogspot.com 
25 四技會資 二甲 賴昱茹 Ruby http://rubysnewblog.blogspot.com
26 四技會資 二甲 段生婷 Sheng Ting http://duanshengting93.blogspot.com/
27 四技資管 二甲 王大華 John http://johnwang2015.blogspot.com/
28 四技應外 二甲 沈芝伊 Celia  http://ecramita.blogspot.tw/
29 四技應外 二甲 蔡明峰 Kevin http://kevin519.blogspot.com/
30 四技應外 二甲 李佩楨 Kathryn http://kathrynliii.blogspot.tw/



2015 Fall: 四技通識選修Computer Assisted Language Learning



A tentative syllabus
科目名稱: 電腦輔助英文學習 授課教師: 賴淑麗 Shu-li (Sally) Lai
授課班級: 非英語系通識選修 學分/時數: 2/2
E-mail: shulilai@gmail.com Time: Tuesday (1:30 to 15:15)
Course website: https://www.shulilai.idv.tw Room: 語言教室第二教室
Classroom Material
A variety of online materials (audio files, video clips, reading texts, freeware), to be announced.
Overview of the Course
This course aims to increase students’ understanding of computer assisted language learning. Students will get familiar with the language resources on the Internet, including websites and freeware, and learn how to use these resources to enhance their English skills. Learning strategies will be demonstrated through tasks in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and vocabulary practice. Class activities include lectures, group/class discussion, online discussion, and class presentation.
Classroom Evaluation
Assignments (6×9): 54% Self-directed worksheet (2 times, 8%+12% each)=:20% Reflection Paper: 25% Post-Listening Test: 5%
Course Requirements
Participation: Participation is crucial to the success of the class and your learning. You’ll explore websites and technologies, and apply them to your own learning. Full participation in the face-to-face class discussion and the blog are required. You’re expected to ask questions, answer questions and share information in different ways.
Ground Rules:

  1. Be in class on time.
  2. Don’t sleep in class.
  3. If you have to miss a class for an unavoidable reason (e.g., sick leave, injury, family emergency), please contact me in person or email me in advance. Two points (-2) will be deducted for any unexcused absence.
  4. Late assignments will not be graded and there won’t be any make-up tests.
  5. There will be quizzes on the assignmed materials. Please preview and review the class materials every week.

Link to your blogs
Log in to the online course system

Date Content Presentation Topics Assignments
9/15 1. Orientation
2. Background Questionnaire
3. flash (to save files)
9/22 1. Pre-listening test 1. Google Blogger-> function -> language -> English
2. What is a blog?
3. How to create a blog on Google? (Part 1/ Part 2)
1. Preview the article:
An Overview of CALL by Dr. Phil Hubbard (Unit 1)
2. Finish assignment # 1 ( Listening Challenges)
9/29 No school due to typhoon
10/6 (1) My TOEIC Score (Listening section)
(2) What makes listening difficult? Can you list some of the reasons?
(3) An overview of Computer Assisted Language Learning (An Overview of CALL by Dr. Phil Hubbard, 2014) (ppt)
#2 Log in to the course website and answer the two questions before 10/11 (Sun, midnight)
議題討論=> 課程討論版
–please preview the article
Blogging for English language learners
10/13 (1) Set-up your blog (google blogger)
(A) Blogger getting started guide
(B) Blogging for English language learners
(2) ESL Cyber Listening Lab

 Online tools
(1) Bilingual dictionary
(A) YahooKimo Online Dictionary
(2) Learners’ dictionary
(A) Oxford Advanced American Dictionary
(B) Longman Dictionary of Contemporary        Dictionary
Assignment #1 Greetings!
–Add information to your personal profile, upload your photo, post your first greeting post. (due on 10/18)
Assignment #2 Words from ESL Cyber Listening Lab
–Review the conversation we discussed in class. Go through the steps we have discussed in class one more time.
–Look up at least 5 words that you don’t quite understand in the monolingual dictionary. Post the words and one example sentence each on your blogs. (due on 10/18)
10/20 (1) Mine the Data for other uses
–ESL Cyber Listening Lab
(2) Linking and Accent reduction
–Accent reduction practice
(3) a file from youtube (link)
Online Tools
C. Cambridge Advanced Learners’ Dictionary
(3) Collocation dictionary
A. Oxford collocation dictionary
 Assignment #3 My thoughts and new findings on ESL Cyber Listening LabHere are some guided questions. You don’t have to stick to the questions. Just write down whatever thought you have. (100 words, at least)
–What did you learn from this week’s class?
–Did you find the websites (ESL Cyber Listening Lab, Linking, Accent reductions) helpful to you? Be as specific as possible.
You’re encouraged to write down whatever thought you have, reflect how how you can use ESL Cyber Listening Lab to improve your learning.
(What can we do with the audio files, scripts, 5 questions for each conversation).
10/27 ESL Podcast (link) Note-taking and listening (link) Assignment #4 My notes on episode 1150.
Please write down your notes on episode 1150: Avoiding topics in conversation.
Your notes could includes newly learn words, expressions, and how the hosts explain the words. You can even comments on this episode. What’s your opinion on avoiding topics in conversation? (100 words, at least)
11/3 ESL Podcast (link) (1) Google Syntax
A. Learn some of the major Google syntax such as
filetype, site, related, and quotation marks.
B. Practice using the syntax in finding English learning
Assignment #5 Google Syntax
–Please try out 5 of the google syntax.
–Have you used Google syntax before? Do you think it’s helpful? How do you like it?
11/10 More discussion on Google Syntax (Google Syntax)
Online Radio (Radio Tunes)
Solo Piano
Self-Directed Listening/Viewing (Self-Directed Worksheet)
(1) Student plan their own learning, with the guideline
(2) Group discussion of their own plan and feedback from teacher.
1. Please send your assignment to Kim before  11/16 (Mon, midnight)
Email: kimsparadise@gmail.com
Subject: No & English name
2. Please print out your assignment and bring it in next week.
11/17 Discussion
–Group discussion of their own plan and feedbacks from peers and teacher
Lyric training
–Learn English Through Music
How to evaluate Internet resource
Have fun with Lyric training!
11/24 Song and English Learning
–How to use songs to learn English?
Assignment #6 My favorite song
Find an English song that interests you and post its lyrics, audio file & video (if any) file to your blogs. Write your comments and the words that you learn from the song. (due on 11/29)
12/1 Talks on TED (http://www.ted.com/)
(1) Eight secrets of success (TED)
(2) The Key to Success (link)
(3) Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech 2005
 Assignment #7 The key to success
1. Review the two talks we discussed in class today and study the transcripts.
2. Please comment on Angela’s talk, about the key to success. How do you like her talk? Do agree with what she said about Grit is the key to success? Please share your experience or observation on your blog (70 words, at least)
Due on 12/6)
12/8 Talks on TED (http://www.ted.com/)
(1) The power of introvert (link)
(2) I am the son of a terrorist. Here‘s how I chose peace. (link)
1. Yahoo Kimo Dictionary
2. Oxford Learners’ Dictionary
Go home and listen to more talks of your choice on TED.
12/15 News English
Online News (News in Levels & BBC)
(1) BBC Learning English (http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish)
(2) News in Levels (http://www.newsinlevels.com/)
(3) BBC (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/)
1. Unit 2 Session 2 Beijinng (Upper Intermediate)(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5V0rY3lSKU)
2. Jamaica Inn Part 1: Meet Mary Yellan (Intermediate, Unit 1, Session 5)
Assignment #8
1. Watch one more online news from BBC learning English. Post the video you watch and comment on the news. (70 words).
2. Listen to the 2nd part of the story “Jamaica Inn Part 2” and see if you like it or not. (Please comment on the story. How do you feel like listening to the stories online. (70 words)
12/22 My ET
MIT Open CourseWare (http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm)
1. MIT Open CourseWare (http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm)
2. Open Yale Course (http://oyc.yale.edu/)
 Assignment #9
Self-Introduction 1.1, 1.2
Small talk 1 & 2
–Please preview the article:
談MOOC 現況及發展
12/29 More Introduction on Open Course Ware
(1) What is a MOOC? (http://www.educause.edu/library/massive-open-online-course-mooc)
(2) MIT OpenCourseWare
(3) EDX (https://www.edx.org/)
(4) 台大開放課程 (http://ocw.aca.ntu.edu.tw/ntu-ocw/)
1. Self-Directed Learning (2)
Each of you make a feasible plan to demonstrate you now have the ability to make good use of the online resource to achieve your learning goals. 
2. Guideline for your term paper (Reflection Paper)
3. http://www.123greetings.com/
 Please preview the article:
談MOOC 現況及發展
1/5 Evaluation & Wrap-Up
1/12 Reflection Paper (due)
Post-listening Test
 Reflection Paper (1/12 due)
Wish you a great summer vocation!

Note: We’ll adjust the schedule as we go along.