2018 Spring: 二技資管一年甲班

2018Spring: 二技一 Group Presentation


Group Presentation

Time: 18 to 22 minutes Language: English  
Powerpoint file: Please send it to me one week before your presentation
1. ppt: cover slide, outline, content, reference, how you share your work
2. Bring a note is not allowed when doing the presentation.
3. Put only the main idea on the slides.
Group No. Topic Members
Group 1
TED Talk & Language Learning
A. It’s origin
B. What can we find in TED talk
C. How to locate a talk
D. Recommend 1 or 2 good talk
— a good talk to share with your audience
E. Your comments on TED talk (for language learning & content)
Group 2
A. What is My ET?
B. What is speech recognition?
C. Use a lesson as an example (introduce its sections and scoring system)
C. D. Demonstrate how it works
E. Strengths & Weakness (your comments)
Group 3
MOOCs and Open Course Ware
A. Their origin
B. What is MOOCs
C. What is Open Courseware
D. Introduce two of the popular MOOCs (MIT Open courseware, Edx & Coursera)
E. Use a lesson to demonstrate
F. Your comments on MOOCs
Group 4
Game & Language learning
A. How games can help language learning (link)
B. Different kinds of games (online games, app, RPG)
C. Introduce two games
D. Your comments on using games to learn/teach a foreign language
Group 5

2018 Spring: 二技資管一年甲班 Collocation 1


Collocation Exercises
What is Collocation?
A collocation is two or more words that often go together. These combinations just sound “right” to native English speakers, who use them all the time. On the other hand, other combinations may be unnatural and just sound “wrong”.
1. In English, certain words are often used together (co-occur).
2. Collocation refers to the restrictions on how words can be used together, for example which prepositions are used with particular verbs, or which verbs and nouns are used together.
3. Knowledge of collocations is vital for the competent use of a language. A grammatically correct sentence will stand out as ‘awkward’ if collocational preferences are violated. This makes collocation an interesting area for language teaching and learning.For example:
make an appointment
make a mistake
make a decision
do an exercise
do your homework
do the research
Types of Collocation
1. Verb + Noun
V + the survey (做問卷調查)
V + a study
V + difficulties2. Adjective + Noun
 Adj + probability (很高的可能性, 機會很大)
There is __________ probability that price growth will remain.
Tthere is a __________ chance that President Bush will take a new direction on Iraq.

3. Adverb + Verb
strongly + suggest

4. Adverb + Adjective
totally different
very different
slightly different

5. Adjective + Preposition
blamed for
happy about
happy with

Some words to try:
1. dog
2. book
3. make
4. give
5. small
6. different

2018 Spring: 四技通識選修-Blog List

2018 Spring: 四技通識選修-Blog List

  ID Name English Blog
1 10636001 曾意淳 Chun  http://chun10636001.blogspot.com
2 10636002 吳昱萱 Shiuan  http://shiuan10636002.blogspot.com
3 10636003 劉玉婷 Rose  https://10636003.blogspot.com
4 10636004 許立璇 Lichelle  http://10636004.blogspot.com
5 10636005 許凱茜 Cathy  https://10636005.blogspot.com
6 10636006 錢佩青 Cathy  http://10636006.blogspot.com
7 10636007 謝旻儒 Joy  https://10636007ntub.blogspot.com
8 10636008 游期順 Kevin  http://10636008.blogspot.com
9 10636009 陳仙姁 Xian-Xu  http://10636009.blogspot.com
10 10636010 張佳裕 Zack  http://10636010.blogspot.com
11 10636011 劉家驤 Johnny  http://JiaXiang10636011.blogspot.com
12 10636012 許宸瑄 Andy  https://10636012.blogspot.com
13 10636013 劉竹 Justin  http://10636013.blogspot.com
14 10636014 張榕真 May  http://10636014.blogspot.com
15 10636015 徐亦萱 Irene  https://10636015.blogspot.com
16 10636016 連秋雅 Sofia  http://10636016.blogspot.com
17 10636017 陳易陞 Sam  http://10636017.blogspot.com
18 10636019 王欣慈 Katie http://10636019.blogspot.com
19 10636020 林廷儫 Ting Hao http://bloglamwu.blogspot.com
20 10636021 林欣妍 Tracy http://tracy10636021.blogspot.com
21 10636022 林佑宣 Sharen https://10636022.blogspot.tw
22 10636023 蔡青沄 Yong http://ntub10636023.blogspot.com
23 10636024 張瑜倢 Ashley  http://2018ashley.blogspot.com
24 10636025 曾佳怡 Eunice  http://eunice37.blogspot.com
25 10636026 陳亞蔚 Will  http://coward87.blogspot.com
26 10636027 陳嘉翎 Linda https://linda1997228.blogspot.com
27 10636028 李順玉 Jell  http://jell1204.blogspot.com
28 10636029 蘭欣 Cora  http://cora2018.blogspot.com
29 10536017 黃維柔 Erin  https://10536017.blogspot.tw/

2018 Spring: 二技資管一年甲班 English



A tentative syllabus
科目名稱: 英文 授課教師: 賴淑麗 Shu-li (Sally) Lai
授課班級: 二技資管一年甲班 學分/時數: 2/2
Email: shulilai@gmail.com Time/Location:  Wednesday (10:10 to 12:00) Lab 2 (3F)
研究室: 承曦樓 904 (by appointment) Course website: https://www.shulilai.idv.tw
A variety of online materials (audio files, video clips, reading texts, freeware), to be announced.
Overview of the course
In this one-semester class, students will get familiar with the language resources on the Internet, including websites and freeware, and learn how to use these resources to improve their English skills. Learning strategies will be demonstrated through tasks in reading, writing, speaking, listening. Students will discuss and write about the ideas they discover in the reading and listening, aiming to develop their critical-thinking, writing and speaking skills. Class activities include lectures, group/class discussion, online discussion, and class presentation.
對應校核心能力: 外語能力、專業素養
對應通識課程核心能力: 語言思辯表達、問題溝通解決
Grading Policy
Blog Assignments and Quizzes: 62% Group Presentation: 20% Reflection Paper: 18%
Group Project:
5 in a group
Course Requirements

  1. If you have to miss a class for an unavoidable reason (e.g., sick leave, injury, family emergency), please email me in advance.
  2. Two points (-2) will be deducted for any unexcused absence.
  3. No late assignments or make-up tests.
  4. There will be quizzes based on the materials presented in class. Please preview and review the class materials every week.
  5. Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode during class time. Unless it’s used for dictionary look up or for information searching, please don’t use your mobile phone during class time.

Blog List

Group Project

Date Content Activities and Tools Assignments
2/28 Holiday (No Class)
3/7 – Orientation
– Background Questionnaire
– Create your blog (link)

– What is a blog? (link)
-Blogging – What is it and why is it popular? (link)

#1 Greetings! At least 60 words. Due on 3/12 (Monday midnight)
2. Read the article: Blogging – What is it and why is it popular?
3/14 Internet & Vocabulary 1
– Dictionary use
– Online tools
Surfing Dogs (from BBC learning English)– The 8 Best Dictionary Apps to Help You Learn English Faster
 – Online tools
(1) Bilingual dictionary
(A) YahooKimo Online Dictionary
(2) Learners’ dictionary
(A) Oxford Advanced American Dictionary
(B) Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Dictionary
(C) Cambridge Advanced Learners’ Dictionary
#2 News English (3/19 due)
1. Listen to the news (Surfing dogs) again, then read the transcript.
2. Find 5 words that you want to learn and look up these words in the dictionary.
3. Pay attention to the part-of-speech and example sentences.
4. List the 5 words  you learned, indicate their part-of-speech and one example sentence for each.
5. Download 2 dictionary apps to your mobile phone.
3/21 Internet & Vocabulary 2
Collocation Exercises
– Collocation Tools: SKELL
– What is SKELL?
Common Collocations
the biography of Stephen Hawking
#3 Collocation (3/26)
Read the biography of Stephen Hawking and highlight 5 words/phrases you want to learn. Use the learners’ dictionary and SKELL to find the information you need. List the possible combinations you learned on your blog.
3/28 More Exercise on SKELL
Quiz 1
Linggle 1
 Facebook boss apologises in UK and US newspaper ads  #4 Collocation (4/2)
Read Facebook boss apologises in UK and US newspaper ads and highlight 5 words/phrases you want to learn. Use the learners’ dictionary and Linggle to find the information you need. List the possible combinations you learned on your blog. 
4/4 Holiday (No Class) # Add at least 2 gadgets to your blog. (4/9)
4/11 Linggle 2
More exercise on Linggle
Quiz 2
#5 Free writing (100 words, at least)
*** At the end of your writing, please indicate the types of tools you use to finish the writing, from the most frequent to the least frequent ones.
Some suggested topics:
http://www.neindiaresearch.org/top-100-interesting-personal-essay-topic-ideas 2. Finish reading the article: How to improve your English listening skills?
4/18 Internet & Listening 1 (Podcast)
– How to improve your English listening skills?
ESL Cyber Listening Lab
# 6 ESL Cyber Listening Lab
– Review the conversation we discussed in class. Go through the steps we suggested one more time.
– Look up at least 5 words you don’t quite understand in the monolingual dictionary. Post the words and one example sentence each on your blogs.
4/25 Midterm (Reading: 75 minutes)
5/2 Internet & Listening 2 (Podcast)
– 6 minute English
All Ears English
Tech Tent
Stuff from the future
This Week in Tech
Content (TOEIC)
TOEIC Grading
TOEIC Updates
5/9 Internet & Listening 3 (Songs)
1. How to learn English with songs?
2. 56 most inspirational songs of all time
3. http://lyricstraining.com/
4. Songfacts
 Assignment #7 English song
–Find an English song that interests you.
–Post its lyrics, audio & video (if any) files on your blog
–Briefly introduce the song (Who is the singer? His/Her names and nationality?
–Three words you learned (with one example sentence each)
–Why do you like the song?
(50 words minimum)
5/16 Internet & Listening 4 (Formal Talk)
TED Talk
G1 TED Talk Assignment #8 TED Talk
– Listen to the talks Group 1 recommend to us and study the transcripts.
– Post the talk on your blog (video)
– Three words you learned from the talk (with one example sentence each)
– Your comments on the talk (50 words minimum)
– – Bring earphone with mic to the class next week.
5/23 Song Sharing 1
Internet & Speaking 1
G2 My ET Assignment #9 My ET
1.  Unit 1.1 Self-Introduction (formal)
2. Unit 3.1 Checking in
3. SPT
5/30 Song Sharing 2
Internet & Academic Learning
Open Courseware
What is MOOC?
How edX works, from Anant Agarwal on edX
MIT Open Courseware
G3 Open courseware (edX)


 Assignment 10 EdX
1. Register for an account in edX.
2. Browse the website and find a course that interests you.
3. Watch the video (1 class meeting).
4. List the class you’ve watched (name of the class, from which school).
5. Share your experience/feelings in attending MOOCs or your comments on using MOOCs as learning resource.
6/6 Internet & Games
Game and Language Learning (learning while having fun)
Arcademic Skill Builder
G4 Game Explore some of the online games and see if you could find any good ones.
6/13 AI and Language  Learning
5 Resources for Chatbots to be your language learning best friends

Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
What is a chatbot and how does it work?
What is a chatbot?
Introduction to deep learning?
G5 AI and Language Learning
6/20 Review & Wrap-Up  Reflection Paper (June 23)
6/27 Reflection Paper Due
Happy Summer Vacation!