2016 Fall: 四技通識選修

2016 Fall:四技通識選修_Guidelines for reflection paper

Guidelines for the Reflection Paper

  1. Paper must be typed.
  2. Paper should be at least 1.5 to 2 pages long (1.5 spaced).
  3. Writing should use formal English, correct spelling and punctuation.
  4. Topics may include any information covered in class or from the readings.
  5. Consider the followings when writing your reflection:
    1. Do you think the CALL class this semester is helpful to you?
    2. What have we studied/learned so far that interest you?
    3. What new things have you learned?
    4. How has your learning affected the preconceptions or misconceptions you brought with you into this class?
    5. How has your learning influenced your view of computer in language learning?
    6. Will what you have learned change your behavior in the future?
  6. Deadline: Please e-mail me your reflection paper before Jan. 7 (Saturday). Also hand in a hard copy when you come to the class. 

重要提醒: Writing a reflection helps you find what is meaningful to you and adds value to your learning. Do not simply outline or summarize the materials we have covered. I want to know what the materials mean to you.


2016Fall: 通識選修 Group Presentation

Group Presentation

Time: 16 to 22 minutes Language: English  
Powerpoint file: Send it to me one week before your presentation
1. ppt: cover slide, outline, content, reference, how you share your work
2. Bring a note is not allowed when doing the presentation.
3. Put only the main idea on the slides.
Group No. Topic Members
Group 1 YouTube & Language Learning
Steve Jobs’ 2005 Standford commencement Address
video, script

A. Introduction of the talk
B. Introduction of the speaker
C. Summary of the talk
D. Good words & sentences that inspired you.
E. Learning English from yourube (strengths)
F. How to download Youtube
G. Your comments
Another good example:
 Jacky, Adam, Tiny, William, 于璨
Group 2 My ET
A. What is My ET?
B. What is speech recognition?
C. Use a lesson as an example (introduce its sections and scoring system)
C. D. Demonstrate how it works
E. Strengths & Weakness (your comments)
 Sandy, Penny, Lucy, Nick, Sally
Group 3 Evaluation of an interactive CD (Studio Classroom & Live ABC)
A. The official website
B. The CD (sections)
C. Demonstrate each sections
D. Compare & Contrast (Strengths and weakness)
E. Your comments on using interactive CD as a learning rescource
 Steve, Tony, Stanley, Kevin 周, Kevin 張
Group 4 TED Talk & Language Learning
A. It’s origin
B. What can we find in TED talk
C. How to locate a talk
D. Recommend 1 or 2 good talk
— a good talk to share with your audience
E. Your comments on TED talk (for language learning & content)
 Betty, Sophia, Yee Fun, Cynthia
Group 5 Language Testing (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC) Choose 2
A. Its purpose (Compare & Contrast)
B. Scoring System
C. Recommend some online resource to prepare for the tests.
 Yvonne, Patty, Vita, Wendy
Group 6 MOOCs and Open Course Ware
A. Their origin
B. What is MOOCs
B. What is Open Courseware
C. Introduce two of the popular MOOCs (MIT, Edx & Coursera)
D. Use a lesson to demonstrate
E. Your comments on MOOCs
 Rob, Snow, Theon, Arya, Sansa


2016 Fall: 四技通識選修-Blog List

2016 Fall: 四技通識選修-Blog List

ID Name English Class Blog
1 10445062 李存恩 Theon 四技企管二乙 http://10445062.blogspot.tw/
2 10445076 洪昇培 Snow 四技企管二乙 http://jonsnowhere.blogspot.tw/
3 10445077 曾緯庭 Rob 四技企管二乙 http://willy57994.blogspot.tw/
4 10445083 梁莘亞 Arya 四技企管二乙 http://caseyygreen.blogspot.tw/
5 10445004 楊弘堉 Steve 四技企管二甲 http://luvingyour.blogspot.tw/
6 10445006 莊舒涵 Sophia 四技企管二甲 http://shuhanchuang.blogspot.tw/
7 10445007 黃毓芳 Yvonne 四技企管二甲 http://yvonne8512.blogspot.tw/
8 10445010 阮寶瑩 Patty 四技企管二甲 http://patty0726.blogspot.tw/
9 10445013 王思云 Vita 四技企管二甲 http://vitawang2016.blogspot.tw/
10 10445017 溫子欣 Wendy 四技企管二甲 http://wendy8510.blogspot.tw/
11 10445020 張復榕 Kevins 四技企管二甲 http://kevinsenglishlearning.blogspot.tw/
12 10445024 呂柏諺 Tony 四技企管二甲 http://tonysengb.blogspot.tw/
13 10445028 劉宇凡 Yee Fun 四技企管二甲 http://yyyf430621.blogspot.tw/
14 10445030 劉以柔 Stanley 四技企管二甲 http://freedom623623.blogspot.tw/
15 10445031 周德明 Kevin 四技企管二甲 http://yourgenericwebsite.blogspot.tw/
16 10445032 林思瑩 Cynthia 四技企管二甲 http://cynthiassi.blogspot.tw/
17 10442004 郭宇航 Jacky 四技財金二甲 http://NTUBJacky.blogspot.tw/
18 10442010 張予璨 四技財金二甲 http://yu-can1024.blogspot.tw/
19 10442026 周煒晟 Adam 四技財金二甲 http://Adam0609.blogspot.tw/
20 10442034 吳廷恩 Tiny 四技財金二甲 http://Ntubtiny.blogspot.tw/
21 10442042 鐘威廉 William 四技財金二甲 http://Williamtjong21.blogspot.tw/
22 10444070 鄒宜如 Betty 四技商務二乙 http://hellobetty2016.blogspot.tw/
23 10444034 莊雅文 Sansa 四技商務二甲 http://sansa10444034.blogspot.tw/
24 10441064 呂欣穎 Sandy 四技會資二乙 http://10441064.blogspot.tw/
25 10441066 郭佩紋 Penny 四技會資二乙 http://10441066.blogspot.tw/
26 10441068 劉慧君 Lucy 四技會資二乙 http://10441068.blogspot.tw/
27 10441071 莊譯甯 Nick 四技會資二乙 http://dixon85818.blogspot.tw/
28 10441085 李宜萱 Sally 四技會資二乙 http://sallyli2016.blogspot.tw/

2016 Fall: 電腦輔助英語學習 Computer Assisted Language Learning

A tentative syllabus
科目名稱: 電腦輔助英語學習 (Computer Assisted Language Learning) 授課教師: 賴淑麗 Shu-li (Sally) Lai
授課班級: 通識選修 學分/時數: 2/2
Email: shulilai@gmail.com Time/Location: Tuesday (13:10 to 15:15) Language Lab (2)
研究室: 承曦樓 904 (by appointment) Course webiste: https://www.shulilai.idv.tw
A variety of online materials (audio files, video clips, reading texts, freeware), to be announced.
Overview of the course
This course aims to increase students’ understanding of computer assisted language learning. Students will get familiar with the language resources on the Internet, including websites and freeware, and learn how to use these resources to improve their English skills. Learning strategies will be demonstrated through tasks in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and vocabulary practice. Class activities include lectures, group/class discussion, online discussion, and class presentation.
Grading Policy
Weekly Assignments: 48% Quiz: 12% Reflection Paper: 20% Group Presentation: 20%
Course Requirements

  1. If you have to miss a class for an unavoidable reason (e.g., sick leave, injury, family emergency), please contact me in person or email me in advance.
  2. Two points (-2) will be deducted for any unexcused absence.
  3. No late assignments or make-up tests.
  4. Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode during class time. Unless it’s used for dictionary look up or for information searching, please don’t use your mobile phone during class time.
  5. There will be quizzes and exams based on the materials in the textbooks and the materials presented in class. Please preview and review the class materials every week.
  6. Group Presentation: You’ll be forming into several groups. Each group will have to prepare a powerpoint presentation base on the assigned materials and answer the questions your classmates raise if any(20 minutes).

Link to the blogs

Group Presentation

Login to the online course system

Date Major textbook Materials Assignments
9/13 1. Orientation
2. Background Questionnaire
3. Flash (to save files)
9/20 A proficiency test (75 minutes)  Please preview the article: An introduction to computer assisted language learning, by Phil Hubbard, Standford University. Be ready for the discussion next week.
9/27 Typhoon (No Class)
10/4 – An overview of CALL
An introduction to computer assisted language learning, by Phil Hubbard
– Set up your blog
  • Blogging for ELThttps://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/blogging-elt
 Assignment #1 Greetings!
–Add information to your personal profile, upload your photo, post your first greeting post. At least 80 words. (due on 10/9)
e.g. your major, your interests, your hometown, your goal, etc.
***Late assignment will NOT be graded.
– Preview the three articles about listening strategies.
10/11 Internet & Listening 1
ESL Cyber Listening LabDifficult words?
Oxford advanced learners’ dictionary
 Assignment #2 ESL Cyber  Listening Lab
– –Review the conversation we discussed in class. Go through the steps we suggested one more time.
–Look up at least 5 words that you don’t quite understand in the monolingual dictionary. Post the words and one example sentence each on your blogs. (due on 10/16)
10/18 Internet & Listening 2: Podcast 1
 Assignment #3 ESLPod.Com
– Listen to the Podcast we discussed in class again. Learn the words in bold.
– Explore other episodes from ESL Pod.com.
– Your comments on ESL Podcast: How do you like ESL Pod.Com? (the content, the topic, the way the teacher introduces the material, the length, the speed) (60 words at least,  due on 10/23)
10/25 Internet & Listening 3

Assignment #4 Six Minute English
Choose one episode that interests you and write a summary of the episode (60 words, at least, due on 10/30).
11/1 Google Search Engine
Google Search Operator (linklink, link)
1. 12 tips to search Google like an expert
2. Google Search Tips
3. Reference Book (超神!Google情報檢索術)
4. Google Toolbar
Review the syntax
11/8 Review of Google Syntax  How to add a widget/gadget to a blogger? (Link) Assignment to finish in class
Update your blog:
Practice adding gadgets (e.g.link list, blog list)
11/15 Internet & Listening 4: Songs/musicals
1. How to learn English with songs?
2. 56 most inspirational songs of all time
3. http://lyricstraining.com/
4. Songfacts
 Quiz 1
1. Google Syntax
2. An overview of CALL
Assignment #5 English song
–Find an English song that interests.
–Post its lyrics, audio & video (if any) files on your blog
–Briefly introduce the song (Who is the singer? His/Her names and nationality?
–Three words you learned (with one example sentence each)
–Why you likes the song?
(100 words minimum)
11/22 Internet & Listening 5: Youtube

  • Steve Jobs’ talk (video)
  • Talk script (link)

Important: You need to bring with you an earphone with mic next week.

Group 1: YouTube & Language Learning (ppt, by Jacky, Adam, Tiny, William & 于燦)  Assignment #6 Steve Jobs’ Talk
— Create a link of Steve Jobs’ talk on your blog.
— 5 good words/sentences you learn (use learners’ dictionary)
— How do you like his 3 life stories? Can you relate them to any of your life experiences? or Does it inspire you in any way?
11/29 Internet & Speaking 1: My ET (請記得帶耳麥進教室)


Group 2: My ET (ppt, by Sandy, Penny, Lucy, Nick, Sally) Assignment #7 My ET (due on 12/4 (Sun)
SPT test  (3 times)
–1.1 Self-Introduction
–2.4 Asking for and receiving directions
–3.1 Checking in (1)
12/6 Internet & Speaking 2: My ET (need a mic)

  • How to read the diagnoze sheet?
Group 3: Evaluation of an Interactive English Learning CD (ppt, by Tony, Stanley, Kevin, Steve, Kevin)
–Studio Classroom (link)
–彭蒙惠專訪 (link)
–Live ABC 互動美語 (link)
Assignment #8 My ET (due on 12/11)
–6.1 Daily Schedule
–8.1 Fast food restaurant
–8.5 At a business lunch meeting
–If you forget SPT last week, please finish it by Sunday.
12/13 Internet & Speaking 3: TED Talk
1. Grit: The power of passion and perseverance (6 minutes)
2. A 12-year-old app developer (4 minutes)
3. What’s wrong with our food system (5 minutes)
4. Photos from a storm chaser (4 minutes)
5. Don’t eat the marshmallow (6 minutes)
Group 4: TED Talk (ppt, by Betty, Cynthia, Yee Fan, Sophia)  Assignment #9 TED Talk
Listen to  one of the talks on TED and read the talk scrip.
(1) Let me know which talk you listened to, then, you can either (2) Post 5 words/phrases you learn (Look up the words in the dictionary and give one example of each); OR (3) share your thoughts on the talk.
12/20 Internet & Reading 1 (Stories & Dramas)
Storyline Online
Dramas from BBC Learning English
5-Minute History
Group 5: Language Testing (ppt, by Yvonne, Patty, Vita & Wendy)
The Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC)
Educational Testing Service (ETS)
TOEIC (Taiwan)
TOEFL IBT Interactive Sampler (free)
IELTS (Taiwan)
Tips on preparing IELTS (HK)
Free try on IELTS  (free)
1. Guideline for the reflection paper
2. Explore the story and drama sites and see if you like it.
12/27 Open Courseware 1
Vocabulary Tools
1. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
2. Oxford Learners’ Dictionary
3. Collocation Dictionary
4. Acronym finder
Group 6: Open Course Ware (ppt, Sansa, Theon, Snow, Rob, Arya)
MOOC: Coursera & Edx
Assignment #10 
1. Register for an account in edX.
2. Browse the website and find a course that interests you.
3. Watch the video (1 class meeting).
4. List the class you’ve watched (name of the class, from which school).
ps. You’re welcome to share your feelings in attending the MOOCs. (optional)
1/3 Internet & Reading 2: News
1/11 Reflection Paper Due (due on 1/7 Saturday)
Check your weekly scores
Happy Winter Vacation!