2020 Spring: 二技財金一年甲班

2020 bloglist (Finance)

Blog (Finance)

  Student Chinese English Blog
1 10832003 林芳聿 Selina https://selina10832003.blogspot.com
2 10832004 蔡熏儀 Joyce https://joycetsai2020.blogspot.com
3 10832005 王芊婷 Jamie https://lian54218.blogspot.com
4 10832006 朱珮瑄 Peggy https://hsuan6hsuan6.blogspot.com
5 10832008 林湘庭 Tina https://tina91024.blogspot.com
6 10832009 林亭均 Ruby https://lintingjun.blogspot.com
7 10832010 黃鈺珊 Charlotte https://charlotte10000.blogspot.com
8 10832011 楊筑鈞 Esme https://esmeinwonderland.blogspot.com
9 10832012 王品淇 Sylvia https://2020sylvia.blogspot.com
10 10832013 張馨如 Lulu  https://juchang1999.blogspot.com
11 10832014 黃梓茵 Zoya https://zoya0408.blogspot.com
12 10832015 周佳均 Emily  https://10832015.blogspot.com
13 10832016 馮郁婷 Eileen https://EileenNTUB.blogspot.com
14 10832017 陳法妘 Yvonne https://yvonne8000.blogspot.com
15 10832018 鄭棋 Hannah https://cc0202.blogspot.com
16 10832019 蔡皓中 Harry https://ntubharrytsai.blogspot.com
17 10832020 潘奕彣 Alice https://alice10832020.blogspot.com
18 10832021 蔡雯欣 Winnie https://10832021.blogspot.com 
19 10832022 潘聿辰 Ethan https://aaaaa878787.blogspot.com 
20 10832023 周亞璇 Angela https://angelaya31.blogspot.com 
21 10832024 陳宥汝 Alyssa https://alyssa0000.blogspot.com
22 10832025 謝如雅 Blair https://sasukeenglishclass.blogspot.com
23 10832026 黃郁涵 Helen  https://helen820.blogspot.com
24 10832027 黃慕芸 Jenny https://JennyNTUB.blogspot.com
25 10832028 鄭琇文 Sammy https://sammy10832028.blogspot.com
26 10832029 林兪岑 Bella https://linyucen.blogspot.com
27 10832030 王冠婷 Katy https://kuantw0406.blogspot.com
28 10832031 詹瑞褕 Jennifer https://juiyu031.blogspot.com
29 10832032 白翊筠 Bai https://bai3000.blogspot.com
30 10832035 黃雯琦 Elena https://wenchi1999.blogspot.com
31 10832036 陳虹汝 Gabo  https://heyimhereitsgabo.blogspot.com
32 10832037 蔡宛玲 Alice https://alicetsai37.blogspot.com
33 10832038 葛緣喜 Ann https://ann10832038.blogspot.com
34 10832039 邱寶萱 Alina https://chiupaohsuan.blogspot.com
35 10832040 范家菱 Amisa https://amisafan.blogspot.com
36 10832041 葉丹 Ye Dan https://ida1997.blogspot.com
37 10832042 歐佳灝 Jackson https://jacksonntub.blogspot.com
38 10832043 葉珈纓 Eden https://edenyee.blogspot.com
39 10832044 林彥伶 Demi https://demizero.blogspot.com
40 1083A002 周羽婷 Tina https://tina1083a002.blogspot.com
41 N1083736 蘇家靖    


2020 Spring: 二技財金一年甲班 English

Course: English 4 授課教師: 賴淑麗 Shu-li (Sally) Lai
授課班級: 財金系二技英文 學分/時數: 2/2
Email: shulilai@gmail.com Time/Location:  Wednesday (10:00 to 12:00)
研究室: 承曦樓 904 (by appointment) Course website: https://www.shulilai.idv.tw
Online materials to be announced.
Overview of the course
This one-semester class will focus on developing and improving students’ academic listening and speaking skills. Students will listen and respond to a variety of topics, determine the purpose of listening, use multiple strategies to monitor their listening and comprehension, and be able to express their thoughts and opinions in English. Class activities include pre-class listening, in-class group discussion, individual sharing, teacher demonstration, and after-class assignments.對應校核心能力: 外語能力、專業素養
對應通識課程核心能力: 語言思辯表達、問題溝通解決
Grading Policy
Quizzes & Assignments (in-class & after-class): 45% Project: 25% TOEIC: 12% Quiz: 18%
Group Project
To be announced.
Participation and Attendance
1. If you have to miss a class for an unavoidable reason (e.g., sick leave, injury, family emergency), please email me in advance.
2. No late assignments or make-up tests will be allowed.
3. There will be quizzes and exams based on the materials in the textbooks and the materials presented in class. Please preview and review the class materials every week.

Blog list
Term Project

Date Major Textbook Assignments
3/4 Orientation
Creating your blog (https://www.blogger.com/)
#1 Create your blog and briefly introduce yourself (at least 50 words)
Due on March 9.

  • Preview the article we will discuss next week.
3/11 Podcast and language learning
How to Improve your listening skills through podcasts
7 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Changing the Way We Learn English
A list of podcasts
#2 Listen to Why do people like sad music (at least twice) and study and talkscript.
1. Post 3 new words you learn.
2. Look up the words in the dictionary.
3. Provide their definition and one good example each. due on March 15.
4. Download BBC learning Engish app and install it on your mobile phone. 
3/18 Six Minute English 1
Why do people like sad music?
#3 Please recommend a sad song. On your blog, include:
1. Name of the song and singer
2. Embed the music video, if any; or put the link to the video
3.  Briefly introduce the song or tell us why you recommend the song. (50 words, as least)
Due on March 23. 
3/25 Why do people like sad music?
More Discussion and sharing
#4 Listen and read the article Working for free. 
1. Post 2 new words you learn.
2. Look up the words in the dictionary.
3. Provide their definition and one good example each.
4. What’s your opinion about ” Working for free” been discussed in this episode. (50 words at least)
Due on March 30.
4/1 Six Minute English 2
Working for free
#5 Listen and read “Is tourism harmful”. 
1. Post 2 new words you learn. 
2. Provide their definition and one good example each. 
3. What’s your opinion? Do you think tourism is harmful? Why or why not? (50 words at least) Due on 4/6
4/8 Six Minute English 3
1. The Queen’s coronavirus address: ‘We will meet again’
2. “I’ll be reborn, you will be reborn.”
3. Coronavirus: Queen tells UK ‘we will succeed’ in fight 

3. Is tourism harmful?
1. Review all the articles/websites we discussed so far.
2. Self-study: Are you at risk from online fraud? If you have any question, we can discuss next week. 
4/15 1. Is tourism harmful?
2. The History of Easter?
3. Andrea Bocelli gives unique, emotional performance on Easter Sunday
4. More discussion & review
4/22 Quiz
4/29 TOEIC Test (Computer Lab) Time: from 9:00 to 12:00
5/6 1. News for kids (https://newsforkids.net/)
2. Dogonews (https://www.dogonews.com/)
3. BBC (https://www.bbc.com/)
4. CNN (https://edition.cnn.com/)
#6 Find your group members and decide on a topic.
Your ppt (first draft done) by next Wednesday.
5/13 More discussion on the project
Talkscript and PPT (v1)
#7 G1 to G6, upload all your files to BB (before Tuesday noon)
5/20 Presentation (G1 to G6)
5/27 Presentation 2 (G7 to G14)
6/3 Presentation 3 (G15 to the end) Please explore the following four websites and be ready to talk about them next week:
1. TED Talk
2. MIT OpenCourseWare

3. edX
4. Open Yale Courses
6/10 Some other online English learning resources
1. VOA Learning English
2. TED Talk
3. MIT OpenCourseWare
4. Open Yale Courses
5. edX
1. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
2. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python
6/17 Comments & Wrap-up
6/24 Independent study
7/1 Independent study

1. Cambridge bilingual dictionary (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/zht)
2. Longman (https://www.ldoceonline.com)
3. Oxford (https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/us)
4. Yahoo Kimo (https://tw.dictionary.search.yahoo.com)

Screen Recorder
1. Screencast-O-Matic (free) https://screencast-o-matic.com/screen-recorder
2. PowerCam (one-month trial) https://tw.formosasoft.com/cpage/download/

Some tools
1. Name picker https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/35_MDiMbi

1. News project (link)