2022 Fall: 四技通識英文3

2022 Fall English 3 Blog

English 3 Blogs (Fall, 2022)


No. 系所 年班 姓名 English Name Blog URL
1 四技企管 一乙 蔡宜芳 Yvonne https://11045062.blogspot.com
2 四技企管 一乙 嚴可媗 Doris https://Doris5687.blogspot.com
3 四技企管 一乙 吳杰霖 Dylan https://11045076.blogspot.com
4 四技企管 一乙 林嘉旭 Jia Xu https://TeddyBlog2022.blogspot.com
5 四技企管 一甲 劉恩伶 Emma https://11045008.blogspot.com
6 四技財金 一甲 朱玉宏 Jenny https://idkwamn.blogspot.com
7 四技財金 一甲 彭鈺婷 Tina https://kk96543.blogspot.com
8 四技財金 一甲 呂亞璇 Lucy https://lucylixinaejianigao.blogspot.com
9 四技財金 一甲 陳俐玲 Linda https://chenliiing.blogspot.com
10 四技財稅 一乙 廖芷葳 Wendy https://xiaowei0204.blogspot.com
11 四技財稅 一乙 周珍如 Heather https://HeatDream.blogspot.com
12 四技財稅 一乙 蔡旻叡 Ray https://rayyyqqenglishzzz.blogspot.com
13 四技財稅 一乙 簡廷羽 Destiny https://Destiny0827.blogspot.com
14 四技財稅 一乙 李品佳 Julie https://julie1005.blogspot.com
15 四技財稅 一甲 沈欣妤 Silvia https://silviasxy.blogspot.com
16 四技財稅 一甲 余英滋 Gina https://sofaaaamusic.blogspot.com
17 四技財稅 一甲 謝芝柔 Claire https://clairehsiehhh.blogspot.com
18 四技財稅 一甲 羅于晴 Kathy https://Kathylo2022.blogspot.com
19 四技財稅 一甲 蘇祐楷 David https://david2323408.blogspot.com
20 四技商務 一乙 鄭永東 Colin https://dongggggg.blogspot.com
21 四技商務 一乙 陳柏均 Daniel https://bojinchen.blogspot.com
22 四技商務 一乙 林彤恩 Ann https://Theleutheromania.blogspot.com
23 四技商務 一甲 黃敏君 Maggy https://Maggy11044008.blogspot.com
24 四技商務 一乙 陳怡君 Emily https://2022emily11041061.blogspot.com
25 四技會資 一乙 蘇倖平 Peggy https://11041066.blogspot.com
26 四技會資 一乙 吳艾宸 Lisa https://lisa11041073.blogspot.com
27 四技會資 一乙 吳保成 Paul https://paul11041082.blogspot.com
28 四技會資 一甲 陳羽馨 Sandy https://cys11041003.blogspot.com
29 四技會資 一甲 鄒承佑 Brian https://Yoyoyosblog.blogspot.com
30 四技資管 一甲 黃薪橙 Steven https://iorangebaby.blogspot.com
31 四技資管 一甲 林哲安 Jerry https://zheanlin.blogspot.com


2022 Fall: 四技通識 English 3


A tentative syllabus


課程名稱: 英文 (三)

授課教師: 賴淑麗 (Shu-li Sally Lai)

授課班級: 四技通識

學分/時數: 2/2

E-mail: shulilai@gmail.com

Time: Wednesday (15:25 to 17:10)

Class website: https://bb.ntub.edu.tw

Room: 視聽教室 Room 7

Google Meet: Link

Blog: Your Blog 

Classroom materials

1. Longman Academic Reading Series: Reading Skills for College (2), published by Pearson Education, Inc. (2014) NT 485 (原價570) 東華書局代理 (黃政瑋先生 0912-278-109; 02-2311-4027)
2. Online materials and handouts.

Classroom Evaluation

Quizzes & Assignments (in-class & after-class): 40% Weekly Presentation: 10% Midterm Project: 15% Term Project: 15% TOEIC: 20% (為配合高教深耕計畫,本課程實施英語文能力檢測,佔學期成績20%)

Course Objective

This is a one-semester, four-skill integrated course. While the first year of English focused on reading and vocabulary, the second year will emphasize speaking and listening. Students will listen, watch and discuss topics in pairs, groups, and in front of the entire class. They will also be encouraged to write down their thoughts. Discussion, group activities, and group presentations are examples of class activities.

Group Project

To be announced

Course Requirements

1. If you must miss a class due to an unavoidable circumstance (e.g., sick leave, injury, or a family emergency), please notify me in advance by email.
2. There will be no late assignments or make-up tests.
3. Please turn your cell phone to silent mode during class. Please do not use your mobile phone during class unless it is for dictionary lookup or information searching.
4. There will be quizzes and exams based on the materials presented in class and in the textbooks. Please preview and review the class materials every week.




9/14 Orientation
Create your blog (link)
Consent form/Listening
Assignment # 1 Greetings
Create your blog and write your very first post: Briefly introduce yourself (9/18 due)
– upload a picture of yours
– briefly introduce yourself (at least 50 words)
– Add your blog link here (link)
9/21 1. Writing
2. Grouping
Weekly Presentation

  • Background information
  • Issue discussed
  • Some good words to learn
  • Your comments on the topic
  • Questions for your audience

* Upload the ppt to BB 2 days before your presentation.
* Printout one copy for me when you present in class.

— Improve your 1st blogpost.
— Visit your classmates’ blog and leave a comment (2 friends).
— Preview (listen) to the course materials next week. Look up the difficult words in the dictionary. Be ready for a quiz next week (T&F, Multiple choice).
9/28 Topic 1: The food delivery revolution (link) Assignment #2
More people are using delivery apps to order food from restaurants. Why do delivery apps become so popular now? Any reason? (at least 50 words) due on Sunday.
10/5 Topic 2: Is it good to disagree? (link)
10/12 Topic 3: Body language online (link)
10/19 Topic 4: Why take a gap year? (link)
10/26 Work on your midterm project
11/2 Ready to upload your files
TED Talk and Language Learning
11/9 Midterm Project Showcase (3 groups)
11/16 Topic 5: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
11/23 Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
11/30 Topic 6: The Key to Success: Grit
12/7 高教深耕 (育605)
12/14 Group Project 1
12/21 Group Project 2
12/28 Group Project 3
Writing Practice
1/4 Listening and Questionnaire
1/11 Wrap-up



通識課程核心能力: 語言思辯表達、問題溝通解決

We’ll adjust the schedule as we go along.