2023 Spring: 二技資管一甲

2023 Spring: 二技資管一甲 Podcast Project

(Spring, 2023)

Midterm Project (Link)

2023/4/10 (upload to the folder before 4/8 Saturday)


Host 1

Host 2



1075603 Anthony Ho

10756028 Tony Yeh

10756033 Curtis



01 Zhen

35 Christine


29 Anos

33 Flash

36 Winnie


21 Linda

27 Lisa

30 Leo


22 William

25 Jeffery

20 Kitty


03 Alex

26 Mini

02 Vivian

2023/4/17 (upload to the folder before 4/15 Saturday)

Host 1

Host 2



06 Vanessa

17 Doffy

14 Hebe, 19 Grace


11 Winnie

12 Zero

13 Annie


16 Boto

15 Brian

09 Albert


05 Daniel

07 Sarah

10 Doreen


23 Hung

32 Extra

37 Ingrid


04 Amy

08 Fiona

18 Sharron

2023 Spring: 二技資管一甲 English


A tentative syllabus


課程名稱: 英文 English

授課教師: 賴淑麗 (Shu-li Sally Lai)

授課班級: 資管系二技一年級

學分/時數: 2/2

E-mail: shulilai@gmail.com

Time: Monday (10:00 to 12:00)

Class website: https://bb.ntub.edu.tw

Room: 視聽教室 Room 7

Classroomscreen: https://classroomscreen.com/

 Podcast Project: link  TED Talk Project:  link

Classroom materials

Online materials to be announced (NT$50).

Classroom Evaluation

Quizzes & Assignments (in-class & after-class): 50%
Midterm Project: 20%
Term Project: 20%
Participation: 10%

Course Objective

This is a one-semester four-skill integrated course. It aims to develop and improve students’ academic listening and speaking skills. Students will be able to listen to and respond to a variety of topics in English. Class activities include pre-class listening, in-class discussion and sharing, group presentations, and after-class writing.
對應校核心能力: 外語能力、專業素養
對應通識課程核心能力: 語言思辯表達、問題溝通解決

Group Project

To be announced.

Course Requirements

  1. If you must miss a class due to an unavoidable circumstance (e.g., sick leave, injury, or a family emergency), please notify me in advance by email.
  2. There will be no late assignments or make-up tests.
  3. Please turn your cell phone to silent mode during class. Please do not use your mobile phone during class unless it is for dictionary lookup or information searching.
  4. There will be quizzes based on the materials presented in class and in the textbooks. Please preview and review the class materials every week.




2/13 Orientation (name)
Background Questionnaire (link)
2/20 Topic 1: The food delivery revolution (link) Review Topic 1.
Learn the keywords.
Explore more episodes from Six Minutes English (link)
Preview Topic 2.
2/27 Holiday (No Class)
3/6 Topic 2: Can AI have a mind of its own? (link) Review Topic 2.
Learn the keywords.
Do you use AI in your daily life? Please give examples.
3/13 More discussion on topic 2
3/20 Listening Test (45 minutes)
Vocabulary Review
Work on the midterm project (4-5 minutes)
Draft 1 (3/26 midnight): Submit to BB discussion board (word file).
3/27 Topic 3: Body Language online (link)
8 Top Tips For Improving Your Body Language During Virtual Meetings (link)
Bill Gates on AI and the rapidly evolving future of computing (link)
Decide the sequence of your presentation
4/3 Holiday (No Class)
4/10 Showcase 1 (Group 1 to Group 6)
4/17 Showcase 1 (Group 7 to Group 12)
4/24 TED Talk and Language Learning
Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (link) (voicetube)
1. Listen to the talk again.
2. Get familiar with the content.
3. Learn up the new words.
Be ready for a quiz next week.
5/1 Quiz
Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (voicetube)
Tim Urban’s blog (link)
1. Review the talk
2. Begin to work on your term project
3. Check Tim’s blog
5/8 Grit: The power of passion and perseverance (link)
The Key to Success: Grit (link) (link)
5/15 Grit: The power of passion and perseverance
Some useful tools for your project:
Natural Reader (link)
Grammarly (link)
QuillBot (link)
5/22 G1:How to make stress your friend/Kelly McGonigal (link)
G2: 10 ways to have a better conversation/Celeste Headlee (link)
5/29 G3: The Secrets of Learning a new language/Lýdia Machová (link)
G4: Why good leaders make you feel safe/Simon Sinek (link)
G5: My stroke of insight / Jill Bolte Taylor (link)
CrashCourse (link)
MIT OpenCourseWare (link)
黃仁勳在台大2023年畢業典禮致詞 (link)
6/5 G6: Do schools kill creativity/Sir Ken Robinson (link)
G7: How to speak so that people want to listen/Julian Treasure (link)
Be ready for a post- listening test.
6/12 TOIEC Listening Test (100 Questions)
Check your grades/Wrap-up



通識課程核心能力: 語言思辯表達、問題溝通解決

We’ll adjust the schedule as we go along.